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"The Doorway Inside the Cat and Other Transformational Tales" is a new book that collects all five of these illustrated stories in one place.
It is currently available through my online store. For more information or to purchase the book, click the link above.

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into the mirage show slideshow

They journeyed through the desert

in the distance they saw the mirage.

They walked into the mirage

where they met the queen of birds.

She gave them the gift of wings

and they continued on their way.

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City Art Gallery
March 2018

the house on the hill show slideshow

She knocked on the door of the house on the hill.

Inside the house time stood still.

and soft music floated down the stairs.

She curled up by the fire and went to sleep

and dreamed of a long dark forest

and a little warm burrow filled with light.

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City Art Gallery

3 blackbirds show slideshow

Three blackbirds lived

on the banks of the inland sea.

One walked into a mysterious hole

and didn't come back for a year and a day.

And then he returned, ragged and dripping sunshine.

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The Doorway Inside the Cat show slideshow

There was a doorway inside the cat

that led to a room of chaos and light.

She walked towards the window

and looked out upon a changed world.

And barely recognized the things she had known.

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The Tree at Night show slideshow

All the birds landed

in the tree at night

and sang their songs of distant lands.

Their songs dripped slowly down

and spread throughout the land.

And in the spring, the night flowers grew wild and free.

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